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A tabletop grill that uses a gas canister for fuel.You can enjoy grilling and cooking on your desk at home.If you utilize the stand, you can also enjoy grilling skewers.

Utilizes a gas flame to burn hotly, to cook delicious food.Utilizes construction to suppress the heat applied to the gas canister and tabletop and can be used to cook a variety of dishes.

Main unit size: (W x D x H) 16.1 x 8.4 x 5.3 inches (409 x 214 x 134 mm).

Product weight: 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg).

Color: Metallic brown.

Material: Body: Steel plate (Powder coating), grill: Stainless steel, skewer roasting stay: Steel (Plated), liquid receiver tray (Water plate): Steel (Enameled), u-shape burner: Steel (Plated), plugs and knobs: ABS resin.

Gas consumption: Approx. 169 g/h (A per-hour amount converted using the 30-minute consumption at 20-25 °C). Continuous burn time: Approx. 90 minutes (An actual measurement in time until a gas canister completely burns out at HIGH at 20-25 °C).

Ignition type: Piezo ignition. Safety device: Pressure sensitive safety device.

Canister replacement type: Magnetic type. Gas used: Iwatani gas canister. Made in Japan.

This product is a household appliance. Please avoid cooking large amounts of meat for long periods of time. When using, put approximately 700 ccs of water into the water tray.

Weight 2.4kg

Origin JAPAN


*Stop the usage immediately when flame appears. Turn the power to “OFF” position if the flame stays. Remove gas cylinder and place it away from heat. Be careful not to get burnt.

In case the flame keeps burning, use a big wet towel to cover the whole stove softly. The flame will burn out when oxygen is blocked.

*The product is designed for household use only. Not suitable for commercial, continuous usage for a long period of time, or cooking large amount of meat and/or fish.

*Water needs to be added to the dripping tray before usage otherwise burning oil may ignite when it drops to the food pieces on the tray.

*Keep gas cylinders away from flame or continuous high heat. There is a high risk of explosion when cylinders are overheated. Such situation have to be avoided during the entire operation.


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